1. Twitpella, Vol. IV: The Numbness Game – Disc 1

  2. Twitpella, Vol. IV: The Numbness Game – Disc 2

  3. Lifecast Loops, Vol. II

  4. Lifecast Loops, Vol. I

  5. Text Messages™¹: A rail cheats its used infant.

  6. Drugs
    Vernon Howl

  7. Every Christian Punk Band's Biggest Hit Reversed + 66% Slower

  8. Mobius Dick
    Vernon Howl and Friends

  9. Say What? Every Racial & Ethnic Slur (In Song)

  10. Every Animal in the World: A Sound Art Tribute Record, Vol. I: A-E

  11. The National Anthems

  12. Nuke Jersey
    Vernon Howl

  13. Backwards #1 Midi Hits! (Great Men Remix Editionz), Vol. I: 1964

  14. 30th Century BC (HH1)

  15. Flagger Ahead: Songs for the Road That Drove Itself Insane (Book One: To)

  16. 5,000 Anthems

  17. AA: The Ballads

  18. Evil – Discs 1-3

  19. 64666: The Soundtracks

  20. Eveezi Salmz: Year Four

  21. Lion Boy
    The Vernon Howl Group

  22. Strategy R
    Love Funeral

  23. Twitpella, Vol. III: Vagary
    The Vernon Howl Group

  24. Kraut Rock NFL Theme Songs
    The Vernon Howl Group

  25. Flagger Ahead: Songs for the Road That Drove Itself Insane (Book Two: From)

  26. The Adorable Animals of Viral Video Impromptu Song Parade, Vol. I
    The Vernon Howl Group

  27. The Glorification of Victimization
    Love Funeral

  28. The Return to Prejudice
    Love Funeral

  29. Terminal Redistribution Dialysis
    Love Funeral

  30. Post Journalism Era
    Love Funeral

  31. Inverted Pyramid
    Love Funeral

  32. TVHG Sampler #1: Summer 2012

  33. Twitpella, Vol. II: Smashed Economy

  34. Pisses: 5.16.12-6.22.12

  35. Say Yes to the Soundtrack: Original Music Score

  36. 9/11: The Album

  37. Lamatzah????

  38. Who's Got the Time?! Classic Albums Condensed

  39. Twitpella, Vol. I: The Renaissance

  40. Backbone of Regalia (USS4)

  41. Spine Time (USS3)

  42. The Time Machine

  43. Hot Asphalt Blues

  44. Next Stop

  45. Nonelucidating Ribozo

  46. Ozzie Guillen's Twitter in Song: The First 253 Tweets
    The SportzBlasters

  47. Eveezi Salmz: Year Three

  48. The 9.8.09 Multnomah County Sheriff's Office 24-Hour Booking Log: Pop Music Edition

  49. Eveezi Salmz: Year Two

  50. Toy Xylophone and Frost

  51. Kill Beachwood

  52. Real Icicles

  53. January and June

  54. Nothing I Own Works

  55. Provender

  56. My Life the Daydream

  57. Lovefucker

  58. Fake Songs About My Future Wife

  59. New Spine Blues (USS2)

  60. The 2008 New York Yankees

  61. The Dingo

  62. Eveezi Salmz: Year One

  63. The Disintegration of Values in Outerspace

  64. Flowers and Dirt and Flowers [Love Funeral]
    Love Funeral

  65. Trench [Love Funeral]
    Love Funeral

  66. I & II [Love Funeral]
    Love Funeral

  67. Songs of the Day

  68. Try Isemesisis

  69. R.U. Ready 2 Rock?
    Greg Bisby

  70. Sea of Bliss: The Cassette Tape Anthology

  71. Decaf Spoon: A Collection
    Decaf Spoon

  72. Friendship by Knifepoint

  73. Born of Monster

  74. A Cappella Lullabies from Hell, Vol. I

  75. Fetus Junkie, Acts I-II
    The Vernon Howl Group

  76. Hide the Courage
    The Vernon Howl Group

  77. Alone and Spineless
    The Vernon Howl Group

  78. A Bright and Shiny Cure for Sexual Cancer
    The Vernon Howl Group

  79. Songs of the Unfinished Spine [USS1]
    The Vernon Howl Group

  80. Lost Dog
    Decaf Spoon

  81. Slippin' Away
    Decaf Spoon

  82. Grundle Goo: Deluxe Edition
    Decaf Spoon

  83. Likes 2: Braintainting Audiodebris and the Remnants of the Postcards from Mercury
    The Vernon Howl Group

  84. Likes: I Had Sixteen Days to Mail These Postcards from Mercury and I Failed Miserably
    The Vernon Howl Group


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